This Isn’t Even A Real Blog Post


Please excuse the brain dump, but my brain feels like a jitterbug on speed. It could be the sleep deprivation or the changing of the seasons {and schedule}, but I’m in that paralysis mode that feels impossible to break free from. What I should be doing is making a massive list of things I need […]

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe. Is It Lyme or Shall We Practice Good Medicine?


This is going to be one of those ranting raving lunatic posts. In fact, I’m yelling into my phone and Siri is desperately trying to keep up with how fast I’m talking. I want to talk about Lyme disease. I want to talk about how the medical community has ignored the seriousness of it for […]

The Ashley Madison Hack Moved My Boulder Of Guilt


This is going to be a very personal post. I wrote it in my head last night while nursing William…and for hours afterwards. I couldn’t sleep. You know how there are certain memories in your life that get stuck on repeat in your brain? I guess that’s how you know they are traumatic. From a psychological […]

The Unfair Benefit That is Sure to Follow Josh Duggar


I can’t stop thinking about Anna Duggar. She’s a mother of four children. Her youngest is four weeks old. She just found out…(I assume)…that her husband Josh has been cheating on her. She is forced to deal with this reality in the public arena because she married a man who is part of the TV […]

I Can’t Be The Only Parent Confused By This


Yesterday was William’s two month checkup. During the appointment, the physician casually asked me how many times a day I nurse him. That one simple question sent me into a crisis instantly…. Am I the mother who schedules her baby’s feedings or am I the mother who lets her baby have access to the boob […]

A Soccer Coach’s Wife: 20 Observations from the Sidelines

15 - 1

No…I’m not a soccer mom…yet. I’ve been a theater mom, piano mom, even a gymnastics mom, but not a soccer mom. Well okay… Evan played soccer for a couple years, but it wasn’t his calling and I never embraced the sports lifestyle of a soccer mom. I didn’t have the collapsible chair with the drink […]

Parenting Is So Hard!

15 - 8

Me: This parenting gig is so hard. God: I understand. 7+ billion children is a bit much for me. Me: You have angels helping you. God: And what are Evan, Ellie, and Eden? Me: Very funny. But I’m serious, I’m exhausted. God: I can see that. So why are you talking to me at 6am when […]

Back From The Hospital


Me: So what the hell was that all about? God: You mean William in the hospital? Me: Yeah. William in the hospital…on the same floor as Eden was…just hours after I wrote that post about you saying that William would change me. God: Isn’t my timing awesome? Me: No. No it isn’t. So it was […]

It’s Been One Year…


One year ago, the world I knew changed forever. It sounds dramatic and I don’t care…because everything about this past year has been dramatic. Even though things over the past couple years were slowly unraveling, leading me to this precipice, one year ago today – if my life was a glass cup – it filled up to the […]

Weekly Wrap Up

If you can make it past the hair, you'll see the band on her wrist.

Writing to you from my huge iphone 6+ outfitted with tempered glass and a mophie. This stuff is expensive! But if I’m going to be in the line of work, I can’t be carrying around anything less than the best (or so I tell myself). I spent two hours last night at Verizon trying to […]