The Art of Fake Sleeping

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Fake Sleeping is a term I have coined that will be part of the legacy I leave here on this Earth when I die. It is defined as: “Closed eyes and dead limbs intended to convince an observer that sleep has occurred when in fact, it has not.” William has mastered this art form and […]

Another Week of Single Parenting…Here I Come


Here we are at Sunday again. Alex just left for another week of residential soccer camp, so it’s me and the four cherubim for the next five days. Knowing Alex and I would only have two days to reconnect in-between camps, we spent every minute together…and ignored pesky things like housework and chores. First, we went to […]

Heaping the Consequence of Dysfunctional Sex on Women


My mind can’t stop thinking about the Planned Parenthood video released last week, allegedly nailing pro-aborts to the wall for selling dead baby parts for profit. I first discovered this on Facebook because someone shared a blog post written by Matt Walsh. Do you know him? He’s an ultra-conservative controversial christian blogger guy that irritates the […]

Why Postpartum Depression Hits With One Baby and Not Another

perfectly angelic

Disclaimer: This is in no way a scientific analysis, but simply an exploration of my own situation. I had moderate to severe postpartum anxiety and depression with my first three children. I can go back in my memory and remember those crushing moments of fear and insomnia and hopelessness that overtook me in the first […]

“There is Time…”


This is the phrase I keep muttering over and over and over and over. Re-entry after BlogHer was not so easy. A weekend in New York with Alex and lots of women and stimulation to…four kids and no husband or women to talk to. Alex is working the next couple weeks doing residential soccer camps […]

Is the Ashley Madison Hack Poetic Justice or a Crime?

ashley madison

I hope most of you don’t know what Ashley Madison is…or if you do…it’s in the same way I know about it {because I’m a student of the news of course}. It’s a website for married people looking for an affair. Oh the amazing and wonderful things society does with the Internet. It’s been reported that […]

An NYC Adventure


The story is better in photos. It’s everything you imagined it would be…lots of fun and lots of work. A 5 week old fussbutt takes all the energy of two productive grown adults. Still…I’m so glad we went!                      

BlogHer Recap Day 1.5


When you have a fussy baby, timing is everything. Alex and I so far haven’t had to skip anything because of William, but today he is displaying his annoyance at so many sights and sounds. After nursing him in the Hilton lounge, we decided to find a place to eat lunch. A Google search came […]

#BlogHer 15 Here We Come

Fourth of July 2015 - 47

Packing for this year’s BlogHer is a bit of a mind bender. I feel like Ma Ingalls on the Oregon Trail. We’re heading into NYC tomorrow morning by train, so everything Alex and me and the baby need has to be carried. The stroller is like our covered wagon. William is our champion pooping, spitting child, […]

Dealing with Colic?


Sitting at the edge of the pool, watching my three older children splash in the water, holding my breath that William will stay asleep in his seat next to me…. I exhale for just a moment. This baby thing is hard. How I did it with three under four I’ll never know. I take to […]