All in 9 Months

At any given moment (1)

As the end of pregnancy approaches, sleep eludes me. It’s a cruel way Mother Nature messes with us moms. We enter motherhood already exhausted – having endured a month of sleepless sweaty nights – rotating our mammoth bellies like a rotisserie chicken every hour each time after making a trip to the bathroom. I’m lucky […]

Mother’s Day Weekend Roundup

15 - 7

I’m not one for glorifying holidays invented by Hallmark, but I had a great Mother’s Day weekend this year. It was combined with Eden’s 8th birthday party, so by 7pm on Sunday night, I was done. I know this because my ankles start to resemble tree trunks. Here are some highlights… Friday night, I picked […]

Life in the Stoian Household


I left last post on a bit of a sour note. Guess what happened about two days after I ranted about the shit quality of Access Health CT? I got an email from a lovely lady in outreach who said she wanted to talk to me about my blog post. I have no idea how […]

Easter & April Vacation Photos


June 13th feels so far away right now. And yet, I can’t believe I’m 31 weeks pregnant already. Where did the time go? The nerves are starting to set in. Labor, delivery, postpartum recovery, sleep deprivation…. I feel like the Little Engine That Could. “I think I can, I think I can, I think I […]