The Smartest Thing You Can Do to Claim the Life You Want


This post today is for moms who think they can’t change their circumstances because either: They have no financial independence They have children and responsibilities that tie them down You can. There is a choice somewhere in the midst of your storm. It may be a scary risky one, but it’s there. I’ve written a lot […]

The Story of the Ring


Last night I posted a photo with the caption… “I believe my answer was…yes.” Here’s the story of the ring. Alex and I began talking about marriage a few months ago. Even though we hadn’t discussed specific timelines, it was clear to both of us that this was it. Baby or no baby, immigration or […]

A Valentine/Birthday Weekend

Eden wasn't as adventurous - stuck with the plain bagel

Writing to you from the couch in my living room, where, for the last 12 hours, I haven’t moved. It seems that my schedule of two jobs, getting less sleep than I need, and growing a child, have taken its toll on me. The story begins on Wednesday. I had my semi-annual dental checkup. Most […]